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Katlehong Swimming Pool

Katlehong Swimming pool site is a communal swimming facility constructed for the community of Katlehong Township.  Due to the many sinkhole formation events that have occurred on site over time, the facilities have never being used by the beneficiary community.  Several investigations were conducted in the past to determine the site’s dolomite stability for the continued use of the facilities.

Prana was appointed to re-assess the site’s dolomite stability with particular regards to determining possible remedial measures and solutions that could minimize the risk of occurrence of further dolomite related instabilities.  The objective of the investigation was to establish if the communal facilities can be rehabilitated for safe utilization considering the capital investment and scarcity of suitable land for similar facilities within ease of reach by the community of the surrounding Katlehong Township residents.

A comprehensive investigation is being conducted including trench excavations and profiling, gravity survey, foundations inspections, crack survey, DPSH testing, leak detection, pressure tests of the site’s wet services network; as well as further borehole drilling and 3D modelling of boreholes from current and past drilling programmes.

Value to Client: Restoring the facilities to a safe and functioning condition will ensure that value is realized in the amount spent thus far by government on constructing and upgrading the facilities.  The community benefit will include accessibility, exposure to swimming as a professional sport and for recreation and improving the morale of community.

Project Details


2017 – 2019


City of Ekurhuleni


ZAR 1.6 (Million)


Prana Consulting

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